About Brian Garry


Brian is a lifelong Cincinnati resident, a proud and loyal Democrat, and has a lifetime of experience as a community advocate and organizer - this has prepared him to be the right candidate for Cincinnati City Council in this time of unprecedented citizen engagement.

Brian Garry was educated in Cincinnati Public Schools, attending Swifton Primary in Bond Hill and receiving his high school diploma from the School for Creative and Performing Arts.

As a child, he spent his formative years at City Hall, as his mother, Patricia Garry, was a legislative aide for Charles P. Taft, the longest running Council Member in the history of Cincinnati. Patricia had an enormous influence on Brian as he grew. She was deeply involved in community organizing and action, and Brian learned as he joined her in protests, rallies, and legislative work inside City Hall. He developed a deep commitment to the City of Cincinnati and its residents, and he’s worked to lift others up ever since.

Brian received a Liberal Arts degree from the University of Cincinnati, and also obtained a degree in Art, Theology, and Music Composition from Northern Kentucky University. During his college years, he organized with the Ohio Public Interest Campaign, focusing on environmental clean-up in Ohio. He worked to reopen the St. Francis/St. Joseph Catholic Worker House, a homeless shelter on 15th Street in Over-the-Rhine, and served as its executive director. After college, he returned to the Cincinnati Public Schools as a teacher, and taught music at Sands Montessori and North Avondale Montessori.

For 33 years, Brian has run an environmentally responsible construction company, utilizing green or sustainable materials, methods, and technologies - while providing training and jobs for urban youth. He employs, on average, 8-12 people, and gives folks a second chance when they’re closed out by traditional employers because of past mistakes. Brian sees past stigma and extends his hand to those in need, in this and other facets of his life.

Brian has organized in a number of Cincinnati communities, working to help each one to develop its own distinct voice and shape its own future. His focus as an organizer and advocate has largely been in the West End, English Woods, Bond Hill and Over-the-Rhine. Brian lives in Clifton now, and has been a strong advocate for the Clifton Market and the Clifton Community Arts Center.

Brian serves our local Democratic Party community as well - having served as a Precinct Executive, a poll worker supervisor for the Democratic Party for each election cycle, and has been actively involved in many Democratic campaigns - from Morris Udall in his early childhood through David Crowley, David Pepper, Denise Driehaus, and Todd Portune. He’s been invited to serve, and has done so proudly, on the Mayor’s Climate Action Team, the City Of Cincinnati Human Services Advisory Committee, and the City’s Community Development Advisory Board. He’s worked to get out the vote and build Democratic engagement every campaign cycle since he was a young child. Brian has dedicated his life to lifting up others - Democratic candidates, communities in need, those without food or shelter - Brian is there for them all.

Brian has organized events to help children in economically disadvantaged parts of our city and worked to promote and pass an emergency school levy. He’s a regular speaker and organizer at local rallies for social and economic justice, and has been a strong LGBTQ advocate for many years.

Brian doesn’t just talk the talk - he walks the walk, and has done so for more than 30 years. Brian is ready to bring his activist spirit to the City Council, to reinvigorate democracy in our city, and be a strong advocate for ALL Cincinnatians - not just the 1%. Brian has never been afraid to speak truth to power, and he won’t hesitate to do so as your advocate for environmental, social, and economic justice. Our goal is to build sustainable progressive power in our community, win or lose. With 2018 coming up, we are building the leaders and teams now that will take Ohio back. Every interaction we have with a voter, every volunteer, could be the next talented field manager that helps us take back CD1. We want YOU to get involved - and we'll train you as best we can! With the increase in political engagement following Trump’s election, the Women’s March on Washington, and the historic Sister March here in Cincinnati, we have an unprecedented opportunity to shape the city's policies and priorities in ways that benefit working families.

Brian has run for office before, but never before has he been more ready. More importantly, the citizens of Cincinnati have never been more ready for Brian’s message. Brian’s lifelong advocacy for environmental, social, and economic justice is the leadership we need in this time of resistance. His authenticity and sincerity comes through to all he meets, and his dedication to Cincinnati's working families will make him a true asset to City Hall. We hope you'll agree, and vote Brian Garry for Cincinnati City Council on November 7th!