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We need to ensure our citizens have safe and reasonable neighborhoods to work together and build community.

In order to achieve this, I support:

Providing affordable housing through 

  • Inclusionary policy, community land trusts, public-private partnerships, rent caps,  coop housing

  • Protecting existing affordable housing and buildings that could be used for housing

  • Utilizing the PORT Authority to expand affordable housing

  • Providing targeted tax relief to homeowners

  • Creating a permanent funding source for the Affordable Housing Trust Fund

Reducing gun violence through aggressive measures such as

  • Addressing the underlying issues, including economic inequality and trauma

  • Designating gun violence as a public health crisis 

  • Providing youth and family support by re-establishing the Citizens Committee on Youth 

  • Creating a gun buyback program

Continuing to develop our communities by

  • Properly budgeting funds towards Community and Economic Development

  • Maintaining and beautifying neighborhoods and parks

  • Supporting the arts - collaboration with our fabulous existing art and music institutions/organizations and increasing ways for local visual artists to showcase their work in our neighborhoods to enrich our city (murals, installations, exhibits, etc.)

  • Building a Crisis Response Team trained in mental illness, homeless status, & non-violent domestic disturbances to respond to non-emergency 911 calls, reducing the burden of these call on the police

  • Implement Vision Zero goals to promote pedestrian/biker safety and reduce traffic accidents


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