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In order to ensure everyone has equitable opportunities in our city, we must make sure that everyone’s basic needs are met and taken care of. 

To achieve this, I support:

Meeting Healthcare needs by fully funding the Human Services Fund and 

  • Providing affordable and accessible health care (physical and mental)

  • Treating drug epidemics as a public health crisis to be treated, not prosecuted

Supporting better working conditions by

  • Offering subsidies only to businesses that pay employees $15/hour or more

  • Incentivizing employers to offer paid parental  leave, paid family medical leave, earned sick time, and a living wage

  • Protecting workers’ rights to unionize for better working conditions

Ensuring citizens can travel within our city and our children can receive opportunities 

  • Investing in our infrastructure to create safe and accessible roads

  • Maintaining affordable public transit so those without cars can travel within the city 

  • Supporting the Cincinnati Columbus Cleveland Amtrak Railway

  • Guaranteeing that public schools receive their full funding from tax abated projects

  • Expanding access to after-school programs and community mentoring

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