BRIAN GARRY Candidate for Cincinnati City Council


Brian is ready to bring his activist spirit to Cincinnati City Council, to reinvigorate democracy in our city, and be a strong advocate for ALL Cincinnatians - not just the 1%.

It's one thing when a candidate makes promises about what they plan to do for the people. It's another to have already made those positive changes for the people.

For over 30 years, Brian has been active leader who has worked hard to make a multitude of positive changes in our city. His history in fighting for social, economic, and environmental justice speaks for itself. 

As Marian Spencer said, “Brian Garry is a Fearless Progressive who has a proven track record of accomplishing victories for progressive issues.”

Brian has never been afraid to speak truth to power, and he won’t hesitate to do so as your advocate for environmental, social, and economic justice for everyone.

His authenticity and sincerity comes through to all he meets, and his dedication to Cincinnati's working families will make him a true asset to City Hall.

Brian has run for office before, but never before has he been more ready. More importantly, the citizens of Cincinnati have never been more ready for Brian’s message. Brian’s lifelong advocacy for environmental, social, and economic justice is the leadership we need to help combat the chaos at the Federal level.

With the increase in political engagement following Trump’s election, the Women’s March on Washington, and the historic Sister March here in Cincinnati, we have an unprecedented opportunity to shape the city's policies and priorities in ways that benefit working families.

Our goal is to build sustainable progressive power in our community, win or lose. With 2020 coming up, we are building the leaders and teams now that will take Ohio back. 

Every interaction we have with a voter, every volunteer, could be the next talented field manager that helps us take back our City.


We want YOU to get involved - You can participate by Volunteering or Donating to our campaign. 


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Dear Voters, Supporters, & Friends,


I'm Brian Garry, and it would be an honor to represent you on City Council. I believe that each and every one of you have something valuable to offer our great city, which is why I want to be the one to strengthen your voice, and further develop this city into a place that's beneficial for everyone. 


My background of 32 years with social, environmental, and economic justice has given me the insight that will help me to suitably represent everyone.

Let's make our city a place that everyone can enjoy!

"Let's make sure everyone gets to enjoy the progress the city is making."

- Brian Garry