“ONE Cincinnati is not just about the tall buildings; it is about the people who live and work in those buildings.” - Brian Garry


Our campaign is bringing people together to advance ONE Cincinnati. Over the months until the election, we'll be calling folks, reaching out on social media, knocking on doors (when safe), and talking directly with voters. We've already had countless conversations, and we've been taking notes. This platform is the product of Brian's years organizing in the community and the conversations he's had with our neighbors; it represents the values of our community - and it will be updated as we continue to hear from you.



In order to ensure everyone has equitable opportunities in our city, we must make sure that everyone’s basic needs are met and taken care of.  To achieve this, I support:

  • Meeting Healthcare needs by fully funding the Human Services Fund and 

    • Providing affordable and accessible health care (physical and mental)

    • Treating drug epidemics as a public health crisis to be treated, not prosecuted

  • Supporting better working conditions by

    • Offering subsidies only to businesses that pay employees $15/hour or more

    • Incentivizing employers to offer paid parental  leave, paid family medical leave, earned sick time, and a living wage

    • Protecting workers’ rights to unionize for better working conditions

  • Ensuring all citizens have access to proper nutrition by studying, mapping, and working to end food deserts in Cincinnati, while promoting affordable and accessible access to fruits and vegetables

  • Ensuring citizens can travel within our city by

    • Investing in our infrastructure to create safe and accessible roads

    • Maintaining affordable public transit so those without cars can travel within the city 

    • Supporting the Cincinnati Columbus Cleveland Amtrak Railway

  • Ensuring our children can receive opportunities by

    • Guaranteeing that public schools receive their full funding from tax abated projects

    • Expanding access to after-school programs and community mentoring



We need to ensure our citizens have safe and reasonable neighborhoods to work together and build community.  In order to achieve this, I support:

  • Providing affordable housing through 

    • Inclusionary policy, community land trusts, public-private partnerships, rent caps,  coop housing

    • Protecting existing affordable housing and buildings that could be used for housing

    • Utilizing the PORT Authority to expand affordable housing

    • Providing targeted tax relief to homeowners

    • Creating a permanent funding source for the Affordable Housing Trust Fund

  • Reducing gun violence through aggressive measures such as

    • Addressing the underlying issues, including economic inequality and trauma

    • Designating gun violence as a public health crisis 

    • Providing youth and family support by re-establishing the Citizens Committee on Youth 

    • Creating a gun buyback program

  • Continuing to develop our communities by

    • Properly budgeting funds towards Community and Economic Development

    • Maintaining and beautifying neighborhoods and parks

    • Supporting the arts - collaboration with our fabulous existing art and music institutions/organizations and increasing ways for local visual artists to showcase their work in our neighborhoods to enrich our city (murals, installations, exhibits, etc.)

    • Building a Crisis Response Team trained in mental illness, homeless status, & non-violent domestic disturbances to respond to non-emergency 911 calls, reducing the burden of these call on the police

    • Implement Vision Zero goals to promote pedestrian/biker safety and reduce traffic accidents



We need to ensure that we are taking the necessary steps to remedy past and current injustices that are disproportionately affecting the people of Cincinnati.  To achieve this I support:

  • Taking actions to address racial disparities

    • Unequivocally and unapologetically affirming that Black Lives Matter

    • Building Black Wealth

    • Requiring implicit bias training in our police and city-funded agencies

    • Supporting the Collaborative Agreement refresh to reduce police brutality and profiling, which disproportionately affects Black persons

    • Educating our youth on how to be an Ally for people who are different than us 

    • Decriminalizing marijuana

  • Taking actions to address economic inequalities

    • Supporting local minority-owned small businesses

    • Requiring employers to offer equal pay to women and people of color regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity

    • Eliminating cash bail

  • Maintaining a 100% score on the Human Rights Campaign’s Municipal Equality Index (MEI) and working to enhance of city’s services based on their recommendations

    • Collaborating with existing community organizations to re-establish and fund an LGBTQ+ center to offer services for the most vulnerable populations such as the trans community and seniors

    • Implementing programming to attract LGBTQ+ applicants and promote diversity within the city employees

    • Exploring solutions to transition towards offering all-gender restrooms in city facilities

  • Eliminating “Elected Privilege” and rebuilding trust that elected officials are here for the people

    • Allowing City Council to suspend a city elected official who has been indicted for a crime

    • Prohibiting family members of elected officials from doing business with the city

    • Prohibiting Councilmembers from representing clients to negotiate with or lobby the city administration

    • Mandating that any elected official associated with the leadership of any PAC report this annually

  • Taking actions to address environmental inequalities

    • Strengthening partnerships with agencies that enforce pollution laws

    • Banning plastic bags

    • Striving for net-zero building in all city-backed developments

    • Supporting re-establishment of the Air Nuisance Rule

    • Creating an Environmental Justice Ordinance for the city

    • Collaborating with the county to complete the storm water separation, carrying on Todd Portune’s legacy

Brian recognizes that he cannot achieve these goals on his own. As an organizer and community leader, Brian is a catalyst for our collective action.


The only way we can move our community forward is by doing it together.

Please email us directly at with any feedback, thoughts, or questions about our platform.


Thank you!