Our campaign is bringing people together to advance a progressive agenda for Cincinnati. Over the months until the election, we'll be knocking on doors and talking directly with voters. We've already had countless conversations, and we've been taking notes. This platform is the product of Brian's years organizing in the community and the conversations he's had with our neighbors; it represents the progressive values of our community - and it will be updated as we continue to hear from you.

Fight for Economic Justice

  • $15 minimum wage, indexed to inflation.

  • Equal Pay for women and people of color.

  • Paid Family Medical Leave.

  • Earned Sick Time.

  • Support for Organized Labor.


Protect Affordable Housing

  • Protect existing affordable housing.

  • Include Affordable Housing in New Developments.

  • Create more and varied kinds of affordable housing, through more aggressive inclusionary zoning, support for community land trusts, and better public-private partnerships.

  • Provide tax relief to homeowners who are "house rich, cash poor."

  • Use developer fee revenue to create affordable housing.

  • Explore rent caps and support affordable coop housing.

  • Require universities to provide affordable housing.


Fight for Environmental Justice

  • Fund the Environmental Justice Ordinance.

  • Fight Duke Pipeline in Pleasant Ridge/Evendale

  • Divest City Funds from banks supporting Dakota Access and Keystone XL Pipelines

  • Promote solar panel installation on city buildings

  • Cleaner air - reduce particle and ozone pollution in the City by strengthening and enforcing pollution laws.

Health Care as Economic Justice

  • Save our City Health Centers and Visiting Maternity Nurses Program.

  • Treat the opioid and heroin epidemics as a public health crisis.

  • Invest in mental health care and wraparound services.

  • Expand access to dental care.

  • Study, map, and work to end food deserts in Cincinnati

  • Promote access to fruits and vegetables

  • Incentivize local co-ops

  • Reconsider or renegotiate tax incentives previously given to companies who pull out of neighborhoods, leaving food deserts behind.

  • Promote community gardens at every CRC and in empty lots the city owns - urban gardening initiative



Fight for Social Justice

  • Affirm that Black Lives Matter, demand justice for Sam Dubose and Kevin Neri.

  • End the War on Drugs.

  • Decriminalize Marijuana; according to the ACLU, racial disparities in arrests for marijuana possession have actually been getting worse in Ohio in recent years.

  • End School-to-prison pipeline.

  • Affirm that immigrants are welcome here.

Brian recognizes that he cannot achieve these goals on his own. As an organizer and community leader, Brian is a catalyst for our collective action.


The only way we can move our community forward is by doing it together.

Please email us directly with any feedback, thoughts, or questions about our platform.


Thank you!