Our campaign is bringing people together to advance ONE Cincinnati. Over the months until the election, we'll be calling folks, reaching out on social media, knocking on doors (when safe), and talking directly with voters. We've already had countless conversations, and we've been taking notes. This platform is the product of Brian's years organizing in the community and the conversations he's had with our neighbors; it represents the values of our community - and it will be updated as we continue to hear from you.



In order to ensure everyone has equitable opportunities in our city, we must make sure that everyone’s basic needs are met and taken care of.  In order to achieve this, I support:


  • Meeting Healthcare Needs by

    • Providing accessible and affordable health care, not tied to an employer’s insurance

    • Providing affordable and accessible mental health care and resources

    • Treating opioid and heroin epidemics as a public health crisis

    • Treating addictions are health problems and the result of trauma instead of prosecuting those who struggle with addiction

  • Supporting better working conditions by

    • Creating a $15 Minimum Wage

    • Requiring employers to offer paid maternity leave, paid family medical leave, and earned sick time

    • Requiring employers to offer equal pay to women and people of color

    • Supporting worker’s rights to unionize for better working conditions

  • Ensuring all citizens have access to proper nutrition by

    • Studying, mapping, and working to end food deserts in Cincinnati, while promoting affordable and accessible access to fruits and vegetables

  • Ensuring citizens can travel within our city by

    • Investing in our infrastructure to create safe and accessible roads

    • Maintaining affordable public transit so that those without cars can travel within the city 

  • Ensuring our children can receive opportunities by

    • Investing in our schools by properly allocating budgets to provide adequate education to our children 

    • Ending the school-to-prison pipelines

    • Decreasing police presence in schools




We need to make sure that our citizens have safe and reasonable living conditions.  In order to achieve this, I support:

  • Providing affordable housing through aggressive measures such as

    • inclusionary zoning

    • supporting community land trusts

    • better public-private partnerships

    • placing a moratorium on the destruction of affordable housing

    • Protecting our existing affordable housing developments

    • Developer free revenue

    • Explore rent caps 

    • Support co-op housing

    • Provide tax reliefs to homeowners who are “house rich, cash poor”

  • Reducing gun violence through aggressive measures such as

    • Implementing common sense gun laws

    • Mandatory background checks

    • Addressing the underlying issues of gun violence, including economic inequality and trauma

    • Providing adequate mental health resources, especially to our youth

    • Designating gun violence as a public health crisis

    • Providing youth and family support through measures such as re-establishing and properly funding the Citizens Committee on Youth and creating designated safe spaces for children

    • Create a gun buyback program

    • Demilitarizing our police

    • Require gun safety laws such as mandator training and certification

  • Continuing to develop our communities by

    • Properly budgeting funds towards Community and Economic Development

    • Maintain and beautify neighborhoods and parks




We need to ensure that we are taking the necessary steps to remedy past and current injustices that are disproportionately affecting Black persons, persons of color, other minorities, people living below the poverty line, homeless people, etc..  In order to achieve this, I support:


  • Taking actions to address racial disparities

    • Unequivocally and Unapologetically affirming that Black Lives Matter

    • Rebuilding Black Wealth

    • Supporting local minority owned small businesses

    • Implementing and requiring implicit bias training for both those in government and our police

    • Working with the police and other organizations to reduce police brutality, which disproportionately affects Black persons

    • Educate our youth about systemic and pervasive racism

    • Decriminalizing marijuana and ending the war on drugs

  • Taking actions to address economic inequalities

    • Implementing $15 minimum wage

    • Requiring employers to offer paid maternity leave, paid family medical leave, and earned sick time

    • Requiring employers to offer equal pay to women and people of color

    • Supporting worker’s rights to unionize for better working conditions

  • Taking actions to address environmental inequalities

    • Reduce particle and ozone pollution by strengthening and enforcing pollution laws

    • Promoting solar panel installation on city buildings

    • Banning plastic bags

Brian recognizes that he cannot achieve these goals on his own. As an organizer and community leader, Brian is a catalyst for our collective action.


The only way we can move our community forward is by doing it together.

Please email us directly with any feedback, thoughts, or questions about our platform.


Thank you!