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Affordable Housing

No one should go bankrupt from trying to put a roof over their head.  We have a 28,000 unit shortage of affordable housing in Cincinnati.  We must change this.

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Permanent Funding

We need to find the Affordable Housing trust fund a permanent revenue stream.

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Protect Existing Housing

Put a moratorium on the destruction of low-income and affordable housing, including buildings that are not currently being used for low-income housing but have the potential to be.

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Create Affordable Housing

Utilizing creative solutions to build more affordable housing.  This can be done through inclusionary policy, community land trusts, public-private partnerships, rent caps, and coop housing.

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Expand Affordable Housing

Utilize the PORT authority and provide targeted tax relief to homeowners

Brian In The News

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Helping The Homeless

In March of 2019, Maslow Army made news for their efforts in Hamilton County in aid of the homeless on a freezing cold Winter night, all in efforts of aiding affordable housing in Cincinnati

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Justice For Danny

Following the Tragic Death of Danny Lee Miles, a homeless Cincinnatian, Brian made news for his efforts to gather the community together and make change in justice for Danny.

Phone:  513-221-VOTE

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