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Gun Violence

Gun Violence claims our youth and our families.  It’s a symptom of our much deeper issues, such as poverty, trauma, and income inequality. 

Neighborhoods United Gun Violence Plan

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In August 2020, Brian stood on the steps of City Hall, presenting his 45 page plan to end Gun Violence.  This plan was the work of Neighborhoods United, a group that Brian founded to deal with the gun violence crisis in our city.  Their plan represented the many meetings and dialogue between community leaders, community members, members of Faith communities and Gun violence Advocacy groups.  Click here to read it.


Invest In Youth

We need to invest in our youth and show them we care about their well-being.  We need to provide youth and family support by re-establishing the Citizens Committee on Youth, financially supporting Neighborhood Rec Centers and funding and promoting community youth programs, such as the Evanston Youth Program.

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Economic Inequality

One of the causes of gun violence is poverty.  No family or child should live below the poverty line.  We must address this through aggressive fiscal policies that require the top 1% in our city to pay their fair share through taxes.

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Addressing Trauma

We need to provide free and accessible access to mental health care.


Common Sense
Gun Laws

We need expanded background checks that are required by all gun sellers, including roadside sales and private dealers.  We must ban assault rifles and support a gun buyback program.  We need to mandate training and certification for gun owners.

Brian In The News

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Gun Violence Plan

Neighborhoods United presented its 45 page plan to help reduce gun violence in Cincinnati. The intention was to dissect the roots of the continuous gun violence in Cincinnati and show that with the proper guidance, we can create change. Click here to read it.

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Neighborhoods United

Local Cincinnatians, lead by Brian, gathered at Grant Park after countless murders and gunshots left locals distraught looking for answers. 

Phone:  513-221-VOTE
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