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Health Care

Health Care

Health Care is a human right, and we must work to make it accessible and affordable to everyone in our city.

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In order to make mental health more accessible and affordable, mental health must be covered by all insurance and employers.

Mental Health Care

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Affordable Health Care

Require or encourage employers to provide affordable and accessible health care for workers and their dependents and offering paid sick leave.  This healthcare needs to cover all medications needed, including hearing aids.

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Drug Epidemic

We need to treat drug epidemics as public health crisis to be treated, not prosecuted.  We must offer the support to addicts to recover, instead of placing them in jail cells.  We need to support addiction organizations, such as the Hamilton County Addiction Response Coalition, both publicly and financially to make sure they can do they work they need to do. We need to work with addiction organizations to create and promote safe injection sites.

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Crisis Response Team

To best treat our citizens when in a crisis, we need to build a Crisis Response Team trained in mental illness, homeless status, & non-violent domestic disturbances  to respond to non-emergency 911 calls

Phone:  513-221-VOTE
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