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Racial Justice

Racial Justice

Cincinnati is the 6th most segregated city in America and its time to address that.  There are two sides of Cincinnati – a Black and a White.  We need to address our pervasive and systemic racial injustices.

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Rebuild Black Wealth

Years of oppression have resulted in our Black Communities being seriously disadvantaged when it comes to accruing wealth.  We need to address this and focus on re-building Black Wealth.

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Affirm Black
Lives Matter

We need to acknowledge that Black Lives are disproportionately taken at the hands at the police.  Our policies and legislation needs to reflect this.

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Implicit Bias Training

We need to require implicit bias training in our police and city-funded agencies to help educate people in positions of power about their biases and how they impact our marginalized communities.

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Strengthen the Collaborative Agreement Refresh

The collaborative agreement lays out policies that help reduce police brutality and harmful racial profiling and it must be supported.

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We need to educate our youth about systemic racism and how they can be allies to people who look different from them.

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Ending the War
On Drugs

The war on drugs disproportionately impacted our Black Communities and we must end it, including by decriminalizing marijuana.

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