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Environmental Equality

We only have one environment, and we must protect it at all costs. Climate Change exacerbates our climate crisis and it disproportionately impacts low income residents and communities of color.

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We need to protect the quality of our air, as air pollution is historically worse in our Black communities.

Re-establishment of the Air Nuisance Rule

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Supporting The Green Cincinnati Plan

We need to support the implementation of all measures included in the Green Cincinnati Plan, a comprehensive set of recommendations designed to advance the sustainability, equity, and resilience of our city.  The full plan can be viewed here (link here:  Green Cincinnati Plan - Environment & Sustainability (


Strengthen & Enforce Pollution Laws 

We need to work with established pillars of the community to get our climate crisis under control.


Create a Environmental Justice Ordinance for the City

In 2009, Cincinnati City Council created an environmental Justice Ordinance, designed to protect our low-income communities from harmful air pollution.  The ordinance was delayed indefinitely, and needs to be brought back.

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Complete the County Storm Water Seperation

We need to complete this project to protect the quality of our water for all residents, keeping it free of pollutants.

Phone:  513-221-VOTE
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