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Dear friends, family, and supporters,


I’m Brian Garry, a lifelong Cincinnatian. I’ve spent my whole life here in Cincinnati, and I’ve dedicated my time to serving our city. Through my years of hands-on public service, I know the issues facing people in our city – and I know how to fix them. That’s why I’m running for City Council – to improve our city for everyone.


Among the many issues I’m passionate about, my platform centers around unifying our city to create ONE Cincinnati. To me, ONE Cincinnati means ensuring everyone has the same Opportunities – opportunities for better jobs, for education, for affordable housing, and for their children. It means that everyone lives in safe and developed Neighborhoods that are budgeted appropriately to meet the needs of their residents. And it also means that we take the necessary measures to achieve racial and economic Equality and remedy the disparity we see in our city.


I know that these words sound great on paper, but we all know politicians often make promises they can’t keep. This isn’t an empty promise or hollow words. I know that achieving these goals will take time, dedication, and effort – all of which I’m prepared to give, because I’ve done it before.


I hope that you join our efforts to create ONE Cincinnati, as we strive to make Cincinnati work for ALL it’s beloved and valued citizens. 

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Phone:  513-221-VOTE

Voice & Text: 

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