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Community Development

All communities deserve the same level of investment in terms of money and resources.  All of our communities should be as appealing and be as well developed and maintained as Hyde Park.  All our communities should be safe and all residents should have access to the resources they need to live successfully.

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Support Black and Minority Owned Businesses

As we strive for diverse and successful neighborhoods, we have to support our Black and Minority Owned businesses through targeted inclusionary economic policies and accessible small business loans.

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Study and Map Food Deserts

Every neighborhood should have a grocery store within walking distance that sells affordable and nutritional options. Our city needs to study and map our food deserts and address them.


To keep our neighborhoods clean, we need to organize and staff cleaning days for our parks and streets.

Beautify Our Parks
and Streets

Brian In The News

monica williams.jpeg

Justice Earned for Local Business

After Monica Williams was forced to move her business for the construction of the FC Cincinnati stadium and left with virtually nothing, Brian Garry helped rally City Council members in Cincinnati and Monica's resteraunt has successfully relocated in Bond Hill to become a local favorite.

Phone:  513-221-VOTE
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