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LGBTQ+ Community

We need to support everyone in our city, no matter whom they love.  For too long, those in the LGBTQ+ community have been oppressed and ostracized.  We need to create a welcoming environment to affirm those in the LGBTQ+ know they are welcomed here.


Promote Diversity

Implementing programming to attract LGBTQ+ applicants and promote diversity within the city employees

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Maintaining a 100% score on the Human Rights Municipal Equality Index (MEI)

Our city has done a great job, as we scored 100% on the MEI, but there is always room to grow.  We need to continue working to enhance the city’s service based on the recommendations on the HRC.

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Fund LGTBQ+ Center

We need to collaborate with existing community organizations to re-establish and fund an LGBTQ+ center to offer services for the most vulnerable populations such as the trans community and seniors

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Inclusive Workplace Plan

We need to implement an inclusive workplace plan for employees of City of Cincinnati, based on an audit and feedback received from current employees regarding places for growth in our current system.

Phone:  513-221-VOTE
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